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Isimsizler – Nameless Season 2 Urdu Subtitles

Isimsizler – Nameless “Anonymous People” Season 2 all Episodes in Urdu Subtitles are available for free to download.

This drama is made in memory of Shaheed Governor Fatah; the events and characters are similar to the original. Full of suspense, full of action, resonating with #Quran and Ahadith and Azans, containing scenes of Aftar and Sahri. A drama that will cast a spell on you because of its events and scenes. And you will be forced to order one installment after another.

Storyline about Isimsizler Series

In Isimsizler Series Story Virankaya is a town bordering Syria, inhabited by Kurdish people and terrorists in Syria want to occupy this town with the help of a few other countries, and that is why the Turkish government and citizens, In addition to creating an atmosphere of fear and panic, the governor is martyred for obstructing his interests. Their only goal is not to seize the town but to pollute the peaceful atmosphere of Turkey with terrorism and weaken the Turkish government.

Team Members in Story…

In Isimsizler series 8-member team, which has no greed for medals, no desire for progress, no desire to make a name for itself, no desire for any honor, just shroud on its head, for the survival of its #homeland, desire for martyrdom in the heart, Stood up to fight terrorists and enemies of Islam and obviously like everyone else in the path of truth they also faced many obstacles, many sacrifices had to be made. Still, these people did not back down an inch from their goal because He did not want any government / national honor and address, so he called himself isimsizler “anonymous people” but We also Called Nameless people.

Isimsizler (Nameless) Cast

In this play, you will also see some famous actors working in Drillis Ertugrul, Kurulus Osman, and Great_Seljuks (Nizam e alam), such as Tuticorin Bay and Elbelegi woman from Ertugrul, Goncha Khatun from Korolosh Usman, Dundar Bay, Dundar’s son Bahadur Bay, Omar Khayyam and Bozkush from the Great Seljuk.

And besides, see many well-known Turkish actors in this play. To See Details about cast Visit Wikipedia. You Can Watch all Isimsizler Episodes with English & Urdu Subtitles on our website

Second Season

Fatih Keskin, who we left in a helicopter accident at the end of last season, opens his eyes in Istanbul at the end of a long coma. Fatih Keskin, who was ambushed in Virankaya and lost his friends, now appears not only anonymous but also dead. The task of Fatih, who has entered into a secret organization working for the homeland, is to chase the energy barons who want to take Turkey into darkness and to collapse a top secret organization that does not hesitate to create terrorism in Turkey for their own interests. The goal of this secret organization is to capture the energy corridors of Turkey in the chaos they create. The enemy he fought is now much stronger, much more brutal, and his life friends are Uncle and Murat. In addition, his new comrades Handan and Tufan will not leave him alone in this great war. The one who guides Fatih on the dark and winding roads of Istanbul will be Kor Yakup, one of the most respected names in the underground world.

Isimsizler Season 2 all Episodes with Urdu Subtitles (Server - 1)​

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Isimsizler Season 2 all Episodes with Urdu Subtitles (Server - 2)

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