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Ogretmen (The Teacher) English Subtitles

Watch and Download Free all Episodes of Ogretmen (The Teacher) with English Subtitles.

The Teacher (Ogretmen) is a Turkish adaptation from the Japanese original series “Hiiragi’s Homeroom”.

The cast and subject of FOX’s new series “Öğretmen (The Teacher)”, produced by MEDYAPIM and MF Productions, with Koray Kerimoglu in the director’s chair, came in. The cast of the series includes Ilker Kaleli, Serhat Kilic and Ceran Moray.

Physics teacher Akif Erdem, the protagonist of the story, wants to give a lesson in humanity to his students. Only Akif Teacher uses a different teaching method than the teachers we know and are used to.


Akif (Ilker Kaleli) is a physics teacher in a public high school in Istanbul. He seems to be silent and introverted person. After his fiancée Zeynep (Ceren Moray) falls into a coma due to an accident, he is transferred to this high school as a physics teacher. Since then, he has been working there without taking so much attention from his students and teachers at school for 6 months.

After Akif starts working at this school, one of his students commit a suicide. Akif is determined to reveal the truth behind the suicide of his student Ruya.

Ruya (Doga Ozum) is a promising and award-winning athlete who comes from a poor family. She is accused of using doping in the latest athletic competition. Even though she tries to prove her innocence, she cannot persuade anybody and suffers from verbal harassment both online and at school. Eventually, Ruya commits suicide with no suicide note or last words.

When a bomb exploded at school in the introduction of the Teacher series, which will also draw attention to the issue of bullying, which has become widespread among young people recently, it became an even bigger curiosity what Akif Teacher’s plan was on his students, who he said ‘Change!’. In Öğretmen (The Teacher) series, in which Ilker Kaleli will play Akif, an idealistic high school teacher, includes experienced names.

Synopsis of Öğretmen (The Teacher)

The protagonist of the story is physics teacher Akif Erdem; he wants to teach his students a “lesson in humanity”. Only Akif Teacher; it has a different way of teaching than the teachers we know and are used to.

For this last lesson, Akif Erdem first took the Kucukkapı High School class 12A hostage and used a bomb to tear the class away from the rest of the school. Children and Akif will no longer be able to go out… And Teacher Akif; asks the children a question; “Who among you caused the death of Dream Sample, a class of 12A student?”

There is only one way for young people taken hostage to get out of this situation; Tell the truth! Students who will understand and love Teacher Akif over time, who teaches children and even the whole country the importance of being a “good person”, and teaches empathy and thinking; They will realize their mistakes and complete their final lessons successfully.

Watch and Download Free all Episodes of Ogretmen (The Teacher) English Subtitles (Server 1)

Watch and Download Free all Episodes of Ogretmen (The Teacher) English Subtitles (Server 2)

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