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The Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (R.A.) with Urdu Subtitles

The Imam series or Bin Hanbal series or Ahmed bin Hanbal series, is a historical television series produced by Qatar Media Foundation, which carried out the work in cooperation with Al-Buraq Qatari Media Production Company, For the Ramadan show (1438 AH / 2017 AD) with the participation of a large group of artists from 7 Arab countries with more than 70 artists and representatives, and the implementation of the serial through documentation and dramatic treatment and film production and took the production of the series more than two years between 2015 and 2016, more than a full year.

The series tells the full biography of the four imams of the Muslims from the Sunnis and the community Ahmad ibn Hanbal and the events that took place from the beginning of his family and social life and even began his scientific life in the request of forensic science (isnad) from Muhammad and the Quran until his death, and also reviews the period of the rule of the Abbasid state, Islamic events and conquests, the emergence of the Mu’tazili and the emergence of the plight of the creation of the Quran, and Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal confronted them.

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (164-241 AH / 780-855 AD) was a jurist and the lead figure of Hanbali doctrine in Islamic jurisprudence. He was known for his strong knowledge and strong conservation, and was known for good morals such as patience, humility and tolerance. He was praised by many scholars, including Imam Shafi’i, and his book ” Musnad ” is one of the most famous and most modern books.

Ahmad ibn Hanbal was born in 164 AH in Baghdad and grew up orphan. Baghdad was the present day of the Islamic world, full of different types of knowledge and arts, and the family of Ahmad ibn Hanbal directed to seek knowledge, and in 179 AH began Ibn Hanbal heading to the Prophet’s Hadith, He was asked in Baghdad at the time of his sheikh Hashim bin Bashir al-Wasiti until he died in 183 AH, he remained in Baghdad asking to talk until the year 186 AH, and then started his trips in the request to talk, and traveled to Iraq and Hijaz and Tihama and Yemen, and taken from many scientists and modernists, and when he reached forty years in the year 204 e sat down to update the advisory in Baghdad, the people were gathered on the studied erosion Numbering about five thousand.

Ibn Hanbal was known for his role in the dispute about Quranic createdness, that took place in the Abbasid era during the reign of the Caliph al-Ma’mun, and then al-Mu’tasim and al-Wathiq after him. The Caliphs believed that the Qur’an was an updated creature, Ibn Hanbal and other scholars disagreed, and Ibn Hanbal was tortured and tortured. Then he was taken out of prison and returned to modernity and teaching. When al-Mutawakkil took power, he ended the sedition completely. In the spring of the first year 241 AH, Ahmed bin Hanbal disease and then died, and was seventy seven years.

The series revolves around a historical drama where the series discusses the biography of the life of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, the fourth of the four imams in the Sunnis and the group where the series reviews many of the events that took place in his life during the era of Abbasid state in the era of Caliph Harun al-Rashid. The light on the city of Baghdad, the nature of social life and also monitor the poor class in which he lived Ahmed bin Hanbal, as well as the middle class, in addition to the focus on some of the Islamic conquests in the era of Harun al-Rashid and the emergence of Mu’tazila and the struggle of the Secretary and the safe to power, In the way of narration of events and facts, which highlights the first: the personal life of the Imam and the social environment in Baghdad and the second: the system of political governance that prevailed at that time and the third: some stories and novels and historical facts that were modern in the era of the Imam.

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